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The ceiling is very important for the living space, so how do we choose the ceiling plate? " "

How to choose ceiling plate

The kitchen has a lot of smoke, the bathroom has a lot of humidity, and other spaces need to beautify. The home space must be clean, moisture-proof, and oil-proof, and it has both aesthetics ... Then, you must check this material selection guide for the ceiling

At present, there are countless brands of gusset plates on the market, and the types of gusset plates are endless, such as film-coated plates, nano-plates, roll-coated plates, thermal transfer process plates, screen printing plates, etc. The roller coating plate is directly baked onto the aluminum plate after being heated at 280 degrees. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic (formaldehyde emission is 15 times lower than the national standard), and it is not easy to change color. The film board is a layer of PUC film with glue. One is not environmentally friendly (containing formaldehyde) and the color changes quickly (it will change color in the sun for two hours), so it is best not to choose the film board.

How to identify the pros and cons of the daughterboard?

1 watch


The surface of the poor quality gusset looks uneven, and there will be particles. The premium board looks flat and the panel is soft.

2 smell


Use a lighter to burn the corners of the inferior board, it will burn in 30 seconds, and there is an irritating smell of plastic burning. Even if the roller is coated with oil-resistant smallpox, it will not have an irritating smell even if it burns yellow.

3 touch


The temperature of the surface of the film-coated board is the temperature of the plastic, so it is relatively high, and it needs to be warmer. The temperature of the surface of the roller-coated board is the temperature of the metal, and it needs to be cooler.

4 listen


Hold the corner of the panel with your hand and gently tap the center of the panel. The sound of the film-coated board is a little dull, and the sound of the roller-coated board is a little crisper.

Substrate selection guide

It is not as thick as possible (it needs to be light and flat). Many people think that the thicker the gusset is, the better. In fact, the thickness is not necessarily good. The international standard for aluminum gusset is 0.5㎜. If the aluminum is too thick, there will be a black seam .

It depends on the quality of the aluminum material used. The aluminum plate with poor material can only increase the thickness to ensure the rigidity, and there is no toughness. So it's not just thick. Shake it with your hand and feel the noise is not good.

Surface coating, different gussets are used in different areas. The kitchen should use oil-resistant aluminum plates, and the bathroom can choose some softer, warmer and romantic colors. Of course, the key is to match your overall style, such as wall tiles and floor tiles. , And color matching of cabinets.

How to choose a brand: Regular brand products usually have a brand protective film on the surface, and the metal ceiling has a brand stamp on the side. The back side has the factory date, brand name and ISO9001 international quality system certification computer spray code. The products of small manufacturers are There is no such brand logo, or it is relatively vague.

Electrical appliances

Appliance Selection Guide

1. Safety first

Since electrical appliances are mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms, etc., because of the large amount of oil stains and humidity, the safety performance of electrical appliances is particularly high. When choosing an appliance, you should pay attention to whether the surface of the appliance is live, whether it will get an electric shock in the event of water, what protection functions are designed for the appliance, and whether the heating lamp is explosion-proof.

2. Electrical box

It should also be resistant to oil stains. The machine box of the roll-coated oil-resistant aluminum plate is environmentally friendly and durable. Refuse plastic bottom box and metal bottom box. Not environmentally friendly and durable.

3. The design should be reasonable

Condensation, light, ultra-thin space-saving.

4. Wiring should be safe

Use internal wiring, equipped with external wiring ports, whether the wire is fireproof, etc.

5. Core accessories of electrical appliances

Motors, lights, ballasts, etc. should be selected from original brand-name manufacturers.

Accessories Selection Guide

A. Trimming strip

It is better to use thicker, straighter and harder roller anti-oil stain corners. Because there is no seam after the good trimming strip is finished, and after the next trimming strip is finished, there will often be a sag and a gap. The vibration generated when the appliance is turned on causes the impact between the gusset plate and the hand strip to generate noise. At present, most of the market is covered with film corners, poor quality, not environmentally friendly.

B, keel

Requires the matching paint triangle keel of the brand to prevent rust.

Matters needing attention

The ceiling is best decided early and installed later. Because the electrical module is set early, you can know that you need several sets of switch control lines, (for example, the kitchen has two lighting and one ventilation, you need 4 follow lines, three switch control lines and a zero line). The post-installation is on you, laying the tiles. After installing the range hood, the water heater, and the clothes rail, we can open holes and close the edges on the aluminum gusset.

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The temporary fence barrier refers to a free-standing, portable fence panels which can be installed and dismantled quickly and easily, and used in the entertainment, leisure and security industries. The Barriers are strong and rugged, and lightweight to enable each to be handled by one man. The frame is constructed from galvanized tubing, and covered with either bars or weld mesh. Each panel has two swing out legs for support and they link by means of a hook and eye system. Additional stabilization can be achieved by fixing individual barrier panels with cable ties and placing sandbags on the swivel legs, used, especially in windy conditions, or in cases where the panels are decorated with branding or shade cloth.

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