Luoyang Petrochemical invested in intelligent emergency communication vehicle

Sinochem New Network News Recently, Luoyang Petrochemical Fire Brigade technical personnel debugged the communication, video and audio and centralized control of the officially installed emergency communication vehicles. The vehicle will provide emergency response to the accidents of the unit in the emergency joint defense zone and quickly provide the basis for dispatching command and decision.

The new fire communication vehicle consists of satellite communication subsystem, 3G public network communication subsystem, Sinopec private network access subsystem, individual soldier image transmission system, image acquisition and display subsystem, environmental monitoring subsystem and other audio and video and synthesis. The application of the grading system can provide multi-directional audio and video intercommunication in real time, and can provide a mobile digital and intelligent emergency communication command center for the accident scene. Compared with the previous fire truck communication vehicles, the on-site positioning accuracy is higher, and the ability to collect information is stronger and faster.

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